Star Wars Wall Mural JL1218M by Roommates

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15ft Wide x 9ft High

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    5 lbs
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15 ft. W x 9 ft.H
Pre-Pasted Washable and Strippable
  Comes in separate, easy to install panels.

Star Wars� Wall Mural JL1218M by Roommates
 The story of Star Wars is a true classic, and now you can bring a poster from the movie right to your wall... in the form of a giant mural! This limited edition XL wall mural is the perfect way to make a bold statement in any Star Wars fan's bedroom, playroom, den, or "mancave"! Applies easily: just roll each prepasted panel up in warm water, then bring it to the wall. You'll love the outcome, and cherish this unique collector's item for years to come! (Please note that XL murals are not repositionable.)
  Made of "Surestrip" pre-pasted material. A revolutionary natural and synthetic fiber that is stronger, easier to install, and easier to remove than any other wallpaper. Used by the worlds most renowned designers, these artistically crafted wall murals will add a touch of class to any decor.     
   Create your own scenic outdoor landscape with your choice of our beautiful wall murals. They're the perfect solution to the room with no view. Each of our large wall murals gives you an expansive view that'll make you feel as though you've traveled miles and found the serenity of the great outdoors. Each comes in separate, easy to install panels. Install by simply pasting and smoothing like wallpaper. 

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